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Edinburgh Carlton: Launch of #ProFriday

It’s Friday night. The clock hits 5.30pm and the weekend begins. You could go home, slouch on the couch and sleep the evening away or you could start things with a bang and head to Prohibition Friday #ProFriday at the Edinburgh Carlton with your friends. That is exactly what we did last week and I had such a great time I’m doing it all again on Friday.

The Edinburgh Carlton was always a place I went with my mum and her friends for a quiet drink or civilised meal, but after a multi-million pound refurbishment and the relaunch of their Nineteen Hundred bar, it has had life injected into it and it is becoming a fast favourite with the Edinburgh crowd.

#ProFriday has a feel of Mad Men meets central London. The guests are a blend of international hotel stayers and locals but this only serves to add to the elegant feel of the night. The older gents sip whisky at the bar, whilst groups of young girls chatter excitedly over cocktails and canapes. The event breathes life into the stunningly redecorated hotel. Whilst it might not be the first place people think of for a Friday night, the management are very quickly changing that by maintaining the venue’s elegant feel whilst instilling a fizz of fun.

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